71 Listings - 47 Days on market?!

71 Listings - 47 Days on market?!
What the heck is going on in our Valley's of Thornhill?!
We are well into November with December knocking on the door and we have a plethora of available homes for purchase. If you're considering moving into the Valley's of Thornhill now is a great opportunity!
There are 39 Towhomes, and 32 detached homes for you to choose from.. looks like a buyers market to me, especially given the average days on market is 47 days and well... very few people shop for homes in the winter.
Some of the homes listed are not at all realistic in their pricing - for instance the home on Big Rock priced at $2,999,900 and without ANY pictures on MLS.. is there any wonder you've been offered for sale since July raking up a total of 135 days on market!
There are 16 homes available that are between 50 and 95 days on market.. not all are out to lunch with the asking price and some look like opportunities waiting to happen.
If the Valley's of Thornhill is on your radar now is the time to strike. The market has steadily been improving and with so many homes available buyers have the opportunity to turn the screws, make negotiations tough for sellers and grab a fantastic home at a good price.