Bram showed extraordinary dedication to our interests

When we were searching for our first home, we had a very negative impression on buying a house through Realtors. Many of our friends and colleagues told us that their experience with realtors were not pleasant at all as their agents were very pushy and wanted them to sign a hasty contract. When we met Bram, however, all this thought have changed.


Bram showed extraordinary dedication to our interests by tirelessly working to ensure that we found a place that we can truly satisfy with, even though it meant a lot more additional work for him. Especially, despite the fact that we have lost many bidding wars, he had never forced us to bid for higher price that could have put a pressure on us. Rather, he took the stress away from the situation with his humor, which we liked very much. Once we have decided, Bram followed through with everything from finding a lawyer to getting our keys. Our first time home buying experience was one of the most exciting and enjoyable experience thank to Bram's hard work.


There are many real estate agents in Toronto and it is difficult for one to decide whom to work with. If that's the case, consider working with Bram. You will be fascinated by his tireless efforts and professionalism.


Posted on behalf of Bora & Shawn