Buy or sell in the Valleys of Thornhill

Buy or sell in the Valleys of Thornhill
Are you looking to buy in the Valley's of Thornhill? As of today there are 12 MLS listings, here's the breakdown of what's out there.
4 Townhomes, priced from $899,000 up to $1,200,000
8 Detached, priced from $1,399,000 up to $3,288,888
Among the detached homes we have 1 listing on the highly coveted street Cook's Mill Crescent, 2 listings on the very recently built Cedarpoint Court and 1 home on Upper Post Rd; also recently built. My personal favorite is the home on Upper Post Rd which faces a pond and backs on to a ravine. All the homes are beautiful though the location of this one along with the home itself make it truly stand out.
If you're curious about any of these homes, or looking to make a move in the Valleys of Thornhill, feel free to contact me so that we can discuss in detail.