Homes for Sale in Thornhill Valleys

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Hi Bram,
Please tell me the days of multiple offers and crazy high prices are behind us? I really want to move from our home in Thornhill Woods up to the Thornhill Valleys area. We are in search of a 4 Bedroom home with a finished basement including a nanny suite. What is your reco as to the best time to start shopping around?
Thanks, Suzanne. 


By Bram Sandow
Suzanne I have to tell you that I am starting to see a resurgence of listings holding back offers for a specific date. The strategy doesn't work for all homes, in all neighborhoods but it's defiantly making a come back.
My suggestion for you is to start looking NOW. There is still an issue with low inventory (why holding back offers might work) and it will take time to find the right house for you and your family. The spring market is just getting underway and I expect a solid year with home prices making good gains after what happened last year.