Homes for Sale in Valleys of Thornhill

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Hi Bram,
As we head into the busy real estate time of year, how is the market looking n the Valleys of Thornhill. Have prices dropped considerably from last year or are they still very high. 
Thanks, Nicole. 


By Bram Sandow
Nicole we have seen a price correction pretty much across the board in the GTA, the Valleys of Thornhill being no exception. The Valleys of Thornhill remains a very desirable neighborhood and prices are still higher than what you might find in surrounding areas such as Thornhill Woods or Thornberry Woods. Some reasons for this are the fact that they are newer homes, the area features larger homes, and the amenities found in the area.
If you're looking to move to a larger home, now might be the perfect time as the market is just picking up steam and you may end up paying more for the same home the longer you wait.