Valleys of Thornhill vs Thornhill Woods

My wife and I are looking to move into Thornhill Woods or The Valleys of Thornhill. From the listings we have come across, it seems that homes in The Valleys of Thornhill are priced quite a bit higher than those in the woods. Can you give me some insights into why is it that as soon as I cross north of Rutherford that the prices jump up so much?
thanks in advance for taking the time to answer. 


By Bram Sandow
Great question, and one I'm sure others have as well.
Why are prices higher in the Valley's of Thornhill than in Thornhill Woods? Location and Density!
Both the Valley's of Thornhill and Thornhill Woods are highly attractive due to great schools, area amenities and beautiful homes. For those who are unfamiliar, Thornhill Woods is the area within the boundaries of HWY 7 - Rutherford and Bathurst - Dufferin. The boundaries for the Valley's of Thornhill are Rutherford - Major Mackenzie and Bathurst - Dufferin.
The difference of location between the two areas is a bit subjective as each has their advantages. The Valley's of Thornhill features the Schwartz/Reisman Centre (JCC north campus) which is an incredible facility and one which I encourage all in the surrounding areas to visit. The Rutherford plaza is also found within the Valley's of Thornhill. This of course is a fantastic neighborhood shopping center complete with cafes, restaurants, and shops.
The Valley's of Thornhill is a newer neighborhood and in it you will find homes with more current design and layout attributes, as well as larger homes than in Thornhill Woods (Cooks Mill Cres, Woodvalley Cres and Cedarpoint Court feature homes larger than 4000 sq ft.)
I believe that the most noticeable difference though is density. Currently the Valley's of Thornhill is comprised predominantly of detached homes and has open land yet to be developed. Lower density gives a more open feeling and of course, less traffic. As of March 1st 2017, Canada Post's Precision tracker tool tells us that there are 2487 homes in the Valley's of Thornhill vs 4616 homes in Thornhill Woods.
The best way to understand the differences between the areas is to go out and visit them. Tour some homes in both areas to see what differences there are in construction and finishes, explore the nature trails that both neighborhoods feature as well as the plazas and shops.
Please feel free to contact me directly as it would be my pleasure to show you what makes both of these neighborhoods special.